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    Do money worries keep you awake at night? Take control of your finances.

    Once you have made the conscious decision to take control of your finances, you have stepped over the line that divides bad financial choices from good ones. This invisible line is important and represent every excuse you have made in the past, for justifying poor spending habits or ignoring the impending financial repercussions you now face.

    Financial stress is something most people will face, at some point in their lives. If you lie awake at night with a knot in your stomach about money, it is time to take control of your finances and begin the journey to a debt-free existence. Depending on the specific nature of your current financial situation, there are various actions you can take to improve your situation – all of these start with the simple decision to regain financial control and stop letting your debt define you. Our team of consultants at Less Debt are all too familiar with the financial strain faced by consumers in South Africa and we have aligned ourselves to provide you with the assistance you require.

    By offering our clients a free online or telephonic consultation, we extend services that anyone with access to the internet or a phone can benefit from. Our service includes debt review, an effective solution for clients that need to consolidate debt without taking out a loan. This process will involve comprehensive insight into your current financial commitments, monthly debit orders and obligatory payments as well as income, with the goal in mind to renegotiate payment terms and interest rates with credit providers. By reducing your monthly payment amounts and extending the payment periods, you can live within your means while still paying back all your outstanding debt.

    Our debt review services prove very beneficial, especially in cases where credit providers are threatening to repossess your valuable belongings (House; Vehicle or Furniture) or take legal action that can cause damage to your credit score. Debt review and a new payment plan can make a huge difference to your quality of life, by reducing the demands on your budget and improving your financial situation.

    There are certain steps an individual needs to take responsibility for once Less Debt have provided services for a more comfortable financial set up. Some of the most important steps to follow include:

    • Stop borrowing money. Especially when the loan is to repay existing debt. Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul is just going to lead to a continued cycle of debt issues.
    • Create a monthly budget that is reasonable and include a small amount to put away each month into an emergency fund.
    • Always use any extra money to pay off existing debt quicker, rather than spend this money on unnecessary shopping sprees.
    • Stop using your credit card or clothing/grocery store accounts. With their high interest rates, every purchase costs you more than it should and puts you further in debt.

    Check in with us today to start enjoying a good night’s sleep and a healthier outlook on your finances and your future. At Less Debt, we offer professional financial services that are NCR (National Credit Regulator) accredited and personalized to suit client’s unique requirements.

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